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The Real Made In Italy & Family Shoes Factories

The families behind Jack&Me

Jack&Me shoes are produced in the Marche region of Italy by two family run factories.

It was in the 50s that Lanciotti family decided to develop from local cobbler to footwear production by applying their expertise in manufacturing high quality, comfortable shoes with modern techniques and a new organisation set for the future.

Today the tradition goes on with the third generation of the family facing the market with an innovative vision but always keeping the know-how of the Italian shoes craftsmanship.

The use of high quality materials guarantees healthy and comfortable shoes that combined to Jack&Me style ensure an entirely Made in Italy Production.

For the boys line Jack&Me confide in Rondinella Factory that famously merge quality of the materials with special processing techniques to produce healthy shoes supporting the children growth with a correct body posture and walk, avoiding muscular or back problems in the future.
These attention to details and comfort married with Jack&Me unique and sophisticated style have contributed to develop the brand in the most important international markets.


The province of Fermo in the Marche region of Italy is an important centre for the historical shoes craftsmanship, representing the culture and the tradition of the shoes and luxury leather goods. A region where history, landscape and human energy combine in a unique territory where beauty is inside its villages, its hills and consequently in what its people can produce and perform.
The human nature of the social relations turns out in genuine and long lasting relations that strongly affect also the companies, that are based on the values of respect and honesty.

Jack&Me is proud to contribute in the development and growth of this important and inspirational production area of Italy and is sure that every single pair of its shoes is accompanied by that craftsmanship, care and tradition.

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