ROBY MENS £249.00
JACK&ME LACEUP SHOE ROBY with chunky Vibram Sole

Let us introduce you to the new incredibly comfortable, modern chunky laceup derby: ROBY by JACK&ME.

ROBY is crafted in Italy using a revolutionary extralight, ultradurable sole. Thanks to the exclusive design of the micro lug-shaped, this sole is able to enhance traction on all types of terrain.

You can chose your ROBY in Navy Blue Suede, Dark  Olive  Green Suede, Moro Brown Suede or Black Leather.

With our signature red lining and tab, there is always a bond between your choice of Jack&Me shoes.

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FIT: Jack&ME shoes are true to size, in doubt consider we tend to be a dash generous

MADE IN: Handcrafted in italy

LINING: Calf leather

UPPER: Suede or Leather finish

SOLE: innovative treat lug Vibram – to enhance traction on all types of terrain. Thanks to the exclusive design of the micro lug-shaped

BESPOKE OPTION – Roby Shoe in Size 12, 13 and 14 available to order

All our JACK&ME shoes are carefully crafted in Italy, to be precise in the Marche region that is internationally famous to be the home of the best shoe ateliers in the world. There, you will find families of craftsmen in the footwear industry who have been creating the finest shoes for generations. This is not just Aa fully commercialised industry, this specialised craft is built on family traditions that are passed down through generations and one of the reasons why we chose to produce our Jack&Me collections in the Marche: we share the same values in the importance of family, respecting dedicated craftsman and pride in the highest quality products. Thanks to handmade production throughout the process, we are able to create one-off bespoke shoes to meet individual customer needs. We only need you to be a little patient and wait for the handmade production that is organised especially for you, to take place usually taking around 4 to 6 weeks to be able to supply a bespoke order. Please also note that we are able to produce size ranges from children’s fits all the way up to size 14UK. We believe that in today’s frenetic world, it is refreshing to experience a brand that highlights the importance of handmade production moreover where you find that factory workers are truly appreciated artisans rather than expected to deliver high qualities of mass made product. To keep the trading alive, it is particularly important for the highly skilled artisan profession is passed on with pride to new generations. As a result, when you buy products made like this, you not only would have contributed to the growth and maintenance of extraordinary traditions, you will also be able to enjoy something truly exclusive. We hope you will love our shoes in the same way we love making them.

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