Andrew & Giacomo Father and Son Shoes
Andrew & Giacomo Father and Son Shoes

Andrew and Giacomo

Andrew is the founder of Jack & Me. During a particularly frustrating shopping trip to buy shoes for young Giacomo, the idea of high quality shoes for fathers and their sons set seed. Giacomo (the original Jack to Andrew’s Me) enjoys what most boys enjoy – sport, bikes, days out, holidays and time with his old man.

Stuart & Alfie & Dylan

Stuart is the Executive Creative Director of branding agency DesignStudio (“I colour in for a living”) and believes that everything should be fun…otherwise what’s the point in doing it? Him, Alfie (named after his granddad) and Dylan (named after Bob) like to make exploding volcanoes together and to go BMXing. Alfie and Dylan’s favourite things are black holes, Stephen Hawking, art and…girls…maybe.

Tim & Sylvie

Tim (aka Flame Proof Moth) is a musician, illustrator, poet and chimney sweep. He can be found busking on the beaches of the River Thames, writing poems to order at the Hay Literary festival or ferrying his four girls around south east London. Sylvie (not technically a son we suppose) loves music, gymnastics and drawing.

Fred and Noah

Fred is the owner of Print Club London, a limited edition screen printing studio in East London. Him and Noah like going to the park on sunny days, Scalextrics on rainy days and going to the cinema on lucky days. Noah’s favourite things are riding his bike and beating Fred at cards. Fred likes doing pretty much the same thing but maybe with a gin and tonic.